Glebe Road United Church and its members stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ2S+ educators, staff and students under threat from todays scheduled protests. At Glebe Road United we welcome people of all ages, races, genders, and sexual orientations. Our church is a home and a safe space for anyone who is looking for one, where we can learn and play together in light of God. Come as you are and be loved as you are.

Read the full statement from the United Church of Canada regarding the protests here.

Please contact your Member of Parliament(opens in a new tab) and/or your provincial leaders. Ask them to safeguard and affirm existing legislation. This is a call for solidarity and action. Polarization and attempts to roll back rights and protections of 2SLGBTQIA+ peoples should be met with concerted resistance by all.

For a good description of what is happening in Canada today, please read the article from Xtra magazine.

Right-wing groups are planning transphobic demonstrations across Canada this week

Take part in an online vigil with Affirm United via Zoom today

5 Things You Can Do to Challenge 2SLGBTQIA Hate

Affirm United has a list of actions you can take and resources you can use at their website.