If you are new or newish to the Christian faith, interested in learning more about membership in The United Church of Canada or if you want to re-discover the faith you grew up with, think about joining our book study beginning this Fall. We will be reading “Building God’s Beloved Community: Discipleship in The United Church of Canada.” This book was written primarily with those new to the church in mind (the language is very accessible) yet is still relevant for wherever you are in your faith journey. The book features contributions from a wide theological and cultural spectrum within The United Church of Canada. 

We will be reading this book of the course over 14 weeks (one short chapter per week). You can come every week or choose which week  and topics are of interest to you (the chapters on spiritual practices and Indigenous spiritual heritages may be of particular interest). 

Read the introduction to the book here:

‘“All of us are called by God to grow in our faith and to serve the church, each in different ways.” – Taylor Croissant, Building God’s beloved Community 

Copies of the book can be purchased here or contact our office at gleberoadunited@rogers.com to borrow a copy in ebook or hard copy format. 

Schedule – Dates TBA, Fall 2022

Week 1 – Theology: God, the Trinity, Humankind and Sin

Week 2 – The Story of Jesus of Nazareth

Week 3 – Jesus the Christ

Week 4 – The Bible: What is It? Where Did it Come From?

Week 5 – The Authority of the Bible and Our Interpretation of it

Week 6 – The Theology of the Church

Week 7 – The Sacraments: Baptism and Holy Communion

Week 8 – The History of Christianity: The Early, Medieval, and Early Modern Periods

Week 9 – Christianity in Canada and Abroad from the 18th to Early 20th Centuries

Week 10 – Church History: The United Church of Canada

Week 11 – Worship in The United Church of Canada

Week 12 – Spiritual Practice in the United Church of Canada

Week 13 – How we Decide Things: Polity and Governance in The United Church of Canada

Week 14 – Indigenous Spiritual Heritage within The United Church Church of Canada

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[…] Read the introduction to the book here. […]

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