Davisville Neighbour-to-Neighbour Back-to-School Clothing Swap

With kids heading back to school, you may find that their clothes no longer fit. We are all in the same situation, so we are organizing a neighbourhood (Covid safe) clothing swap. Here’s how it works: kids in your household outgrown their clothes? Keep the kids, pass on those clothes to others in your neighbourhood! Need some clothes for quick-growing kids? We’ll have lots to choose from

Building God’s Beloved Community

If you are new or newish to the Christian faith, interested in learning more about membership in The United Church of Canada or if you want to re-discover the faith you grew up with, think about joining our book study beginning this Fall. We will be reading “Building God’s Beloved Community: Discipleship in The United Church of Canada.” This book was written primarily with those new to the church in mind (the language is very accessible) yet is still relevant for wherever you are in your faith journey. The book features contributions from a wide theological and cultural spectrum within The United Church of Canada.