Our Vision

At Glebe Road United we welcome people of all ages, races, gender identities, and sexual orientations.

Our church is a home and a safe space for anyone who is looking for one, where we can learn and play together in light of God.

Come as you are and be loved as you are.

What We Do

Here at Glebe we sing, we laugh, we learn, we accept, we forgive, and most importantly, we give thanks for all of life’s splendors and blessings. We love to use our voices and talents to host events which raise money for both our inner and outer communities as well as organizing and participating in various volunteer initiatives. 

Our Community

We are a helping hand and support system for when you need it the most or for when our community is in need. We are a place of love and acceptance for all of God’s creations.  We are a place of music and laughter where we can grow in our faith and expand our spirituality. 

Find Your Faith

Are you a seeker? A musical or creative soul? Do
you like to view things with an open mind and
heart? Or maybe you are just looking to learn
more about God in a safe, judgment free space?
Then we encourage you to come check us out and
see what our community has to offer.

Laurent-Philippe Veilleux

Welcoming congregation, wonderful music, and the most beautiful sanctuary in the entire city. Overall a fantastic church in Midtown Toronto

Irene Koops

If you are looking for a warm spiritual family, come on Sundays to our inspiring 11:15am services, with coffee and fellowship to follow. We are only steps from Yonge and Davisville and have parking/wheelchair accessibility. P.S. The Sunday School rocks

Kim MacAfee

Glebe road is a warm, engaging church led by a hip, forward thinking minister. Music leads the way through the services with everyone from dogs, children and elders joining in. Rich in tradition and active in outreach, it is a place where I feel at peace. And it’s fun!

Mel Stenson

Glebe Road is such a fun and different type of church. I am in love with the Sunday school. We always have so much fun. Not to mention we have two Sunday school dogs. It is always so much fun. You will never feel alone at this church.

Katie Baxter

The community is so warm & welcoming. They are open-minded, accepting, and full of love , laughter and generosity. Being apart of this congregation has truly changed my perspective of what a church is and can be. It has also made me more active in my community. I love Glebe Road United!

A view of the inside of the church facing the pulpit

Glebe Road United Church in Toronto was established in 1925, formerly Davisville Methodist Church. The Wesleyan Methodists had operated a mission in the Davisville area as early as 1850-51, while the Primitive Methodists were active in the area by 1865. After the Methodist union of 1884, a new church was built on the west side of Yonge Street opposite Belsize Drive, just north of Davisville Avenue; this building was dedicated in 1887.

In 1925, the congregation moved to a new building at 20 Glebe Road East, just north and east of Yonge and Davisville. At this time, the name Glebe Road United Church was adopted. Note that in 1974, the congregation of the German United Church (Toronto), previously held at various Toronto churches from 1958 onwards, moved to Glebe Road United Church and celebrated their 25th anniversary at that site and are still present there today. 

It is still an active congregation space of the Glebe Road United Church of Canada and The Grace Toronto Japanese Church.