Lost and Found

Lost sheep and coins, I have to tell you only in a church will you hear someone talk about the spiritual and metaphorical meaning behind coins and sheep, well maybe on a farm you’ll hear about sheep. For many of us lost keys and phones might be more relatable metaphors. Who hasn’t at one point another taken part in the frantic and frenetic search for house or car keys, or in my case church keys.

Davisville Neighbour-to-Neighbour Back-to-School Clothing Swap

With kids heading back to school, you may find that their clothes no longer fit. We are all in the same situation, so we are organizing a neighbourhood (Covid safe) clothing swap. Here’s how it works: kids in your household outgrown their clothes? Keep the kids, pass on those clothes to others in your neighbourhood! Need some clothes for quick-growing kids? We’ll have lots to choose from

Origin Stories: An Inuit Creation Story

This is the fifth in a five part series called “In the Beginning,” exploring various creation stories.

What does it mean to be people who have bodies, created in God’s image? Genesis tells us that we are made in the image and likeness of God. I thought it might be helpful to dig a little into what these words actually mean in their original language. The Hebrew word for image tselem has the sense of a cut out or something constructed. I imagine the craft where you cut out a paper people chain. The Hebrew word for shadow tsel comes from the same root. The word likeness can mean similar in manner or pattern. Perhaps we are the shadows of God – not exact but similar. We were created to act in a manner like God, though we often do not act as such.