Glebe is partnering with Northlea United Church to bring a Hazara Afghan family of nine to Canada. In order for this to be feasible Glebe is seeking out other partners to help raise the funds. $96,000 is needed to bring this family to Canada to support them financially for a year. We have raised in conjunction with Northlea and other individual contributors $41,600 or 43% of the total needed. 

How can you help?

The plight of refugees has been in the news recently if it comes up in discussion with friends, families, or co-workers you could mention that Glebe has a fund to bring refugees to Canada. 

A direct donation can be made at

If you know of anyone who is a member of clubs or service groups such as the Rotary Club who may be interested in contributing ask them! You can also send their contact info to Angie von Boetticher head of the Refugee Committee (

Don’t forget to come out to our Blessing of Animals Fall Fair on Saturday, September 30th, from 10 – 1 p.m., all proceeds go to the refugee fund