In the beginning…

Join us at Glebe as we explore the biblical account of creation along with creation stories from other cultures and religious traditions.

August 7th: Waters, Babylon – The Enuma Elish

Featured Image TYalaA, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
  1. When on high no word was used for heaven,
  2. Nor below was firm ground called by name,
  3. Primeval Apsu was their progenitor,
  4. Matrix-Tiamat was she who bore them all,
  5. They were mingling their waters together,
  6. No lea was packed together, no canebrake matted close.
  7. When no gods at all had been brought forth,
  8. Nor called by names, none destinies ordained,
  9. Then were gods formed within these two.


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