Glebe Road United Church would like to wish the German Church Congregation a happy 60th Anniversary. Celebrate with them on Sunday at 9:30am in the Sanctuary at Glebe Road.

Year-round Adult Education program

The United Churches of North Toronto have teamed up to offer a year-round program of adult education. We invite everyone, whether they attend church or not, to explore spirituality with us by attending! Our first event will be at Glebe United Church.

Check out the events page for more info!

Inclusive. Inventive. In faith


There is a warm welcome waiting for you at Glebe. Here you are part of a fellowship exploring the questions of life while celebrating our daily joys and supporting each other through challenging times.

Your desire to grow personally as well as reach out to help others is met here. You gather with other seekers. Vibrant music sets the tone for discussion and reflection on issues that affect and concern us all.

Wherever you are on life's journey, you have a home here. Young or old, questioning or confident, let's connect with something greater than each of us and all of us.


Sunday Service

Sunday mornings @ 11:15am.

When I first stepped in the sanctuary I felt something very profound in this space. Shirley, who was minister at the time, said you can feel the power of all the prayers that have been said here by so many generations. I felt that power!

Cheryl Stenson

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