Join us for Sunday Worship

At Glebe we welcome seekers and questioners. If you have questions about the meaning of life, and death or have ever wondered “Would Jesus find Monty Python as funny as I do?” then Glebe might be just the place for you.

Now about that Jesus guy. Yes, you will hear words about Jesus, probably a lot of them… BUT you will not hear words of guilt, acrimony or hypocrisy. You will be encouraged to ask questions and even question the existence of God; we are not in the business of turning people away from our doors. You will find a mix of individuals with different beliefs and backgrounds, and our minister (that’s me!) is a young millennial.

I believe that sharing the grace of God is important and that anything worth doing should be life giving. So come to Glebe and be inspired!

Sincerely, Cynthia O’Connell, BA, MTS.