Programs and Outreach

Outreach at Glebe

Whether it is collecting items for for shelters, volunteering at Out of Cold or supporting Amnesty International, we believe in giving back to our community. So Join us in this important life giving work, or help us to keep working for the communiting by donating to Glebe Road United Church.

Out of the Cold Program

The Eastminster Out of the Cold Program organizers would like to thank the Glebe Road United congregation for their generous donations that have supported our ability to help those in need throughout the cold winter months. The donations we received this year from individual members, clothing donations, and the proceeds of Glebe's Christmas Concert meant that we were able to consistently provide our guests with nutritious meals and the basics such as new underwear, long johns, deodorant and other hygiene products. It was a busy season which we extended for the month of April at the request of the city. A special thank you to all the Glebe Road volunteers and donors - your dedication to helping others is truly appreciated! --Gloria McPherson, Out of the Cold at Eastminster Coordinator

We are in our 10th year of serving at Eastminster United’s Out of the Cold program. We go each 4th Friday from November to March and head out afterwards to a nearby Greek restaurant for some food and fellowship. We’d love you to join us anytime.

Want to volunteer? Contact us

Amnesty International Letter Writing Circle

One Sunday each month we gather, during fellowship hour, to write letters for Amnesty International. Andrew Dundass is our co-ordinator, each time providing us with information on a different issue to be addressed. Everyone is welcome and encouraged.

Contact us to participate - Next writing circle on April 15



Last year we contributed support to the sponsorship of a refugee by Deer Park/Calvin Church. We intend to join in on their next sponsorship as well.

In the fall of 2017, Glebe started a unique program at Glebe - Transform at Glebe. Every Saturday afternoon, Glebe opens its doors to the community offering basketball instruction for youth (ages 5 and up). In December hip hop instruction was added to the offering. The response has been phenomenal - now there are over 30 families who drop in regularly to experience a family friendly casual environment with top instructors. Transform is a community out reach not for profit premises on teaching physical literacy and leadership through sport. Transform accesses elite coaches and seeks to open up under-utilized recreational facilities to the community. Key players at Transform include: Brian Pierre, Leon Pierre, Elie Shermer, Daniel Shermer, Tyrell and Dan Dearing. Glebe and Transform sponsored a community fundraiser in November 2017 at local restaurant Come out on Saturdays from 2:30pm-3:30pm Kids ages 5 and up. space is limited and parent approval is required. please email to get more info

Sunday School

Our Sunday School philosophy is simple, we are a family and we have fun
Drawing on biblical stories and the Christian tradition, our youth and children are encouraged to re-imagine these stories for us today. A large part of this re-imagination happens in our own unofficial production house, Goldfish Studios, where we write and perform our own original plays, including our famous Christmas Pageant. Our Youth and children help lead worship on a weekly basis and serve our community through projects like Out of the Cold, or volunteering to lead a coffee hour after service. Sunday School is a safe place for all ages and offers an opportunity to build bonds of friendship that will last a lifetime.